The structure of the BA thesis – lists, annexes

Bibliography is placed at the end of the BA thesis. It contains a summary of the literature used in the work, as well as those items that concern the subject matter discussed. The list of literature should contain no less than 20-40 items. Prepared should be in alphabetical order – according to the names of the authors and include their names, publication name, publisher, place and year of publication. In the case of an article – the name of the periodical, the yearbook and the author, in the case of using the Internet – the full website address. Each item placed in the footnotes must be included in the bibliography. Positions should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. In the case of compact works (books) by several authors, there may be two ways of including them in the bibliography. If such a work consists of several separate parts (eg chapters) separate in terms of authorship (i.e., we are able to identify authors of particular parts) in the bibliography, we place them by indicating the title, as well as the editor, e.g. in the case of books by several authors, whose contribution it is not separate in the bibliography, all the authors listed on the title page should be indicated, the place in the bibliography will indicate the name of the first of the mentioned authors.

Annexes of BA theses are all source materials to which the author refers in the work, but they are not publicly available. Annexes should include only the most important elements of this kind of source materials (for example, you should not attach photocopies to the entire Business Plan of the organization, but only those parts of it that are reflected in the text of the work). Treba keep reasonable proportions between the main text of the work with the volume of annexes. Annexes at work testify to the richness of the collected research material. If in connection with the prepared work the author has used a larger number of tables and drawings, he can put more detailed tables and drawings, analytical, not suggesting significant conclusions, in the annex (annexes).

In bachelor’s theses, which contain several tables and several illustrations, tables and tables of illustrations are made separately. They are posted (each from the new page) at the end of the study. When there are more than 10 abbreviations, terms, names, units, symbols at work, it is also worth making a full list of the abbreviations used, giving their meaning and also the developed name.