The structure of the BA thesis – introduction and conclusion

Author in the preface (introduction) of the BA thesis:

– emphasizes the practical and theoretical significance of the subject under consideration, as well as presents the background on which the problem is being analyzed,

– describes the methods that he intends to use to accomplish the purpose of the work or prove the accepted theses, and justifies their suitability for the analyzed subject,

– argues the purposefulness of taking up the topic,

– describes the sources it uses (literature – books, specialist journals), materials acquired through courtesy of institutions (companies), collected on its own, statistical materials – evaluates the completeness of acquired sources, their reliability, comprehensiveness, the need for possible verification and the scope of necessary statistical processing .

– briefly describes the content of individual chapters, emphasizing the links of content; shows how through the order of chapters and their content is going to the substantive finale crowning the work,

– finally, the author can thank the people and institutions who helped him.

The content of the introduction should be included in the socio-economic and communication perspective. In fact, it is created at the last stage of editing the work.

Summary (ending) of the BA thesis – this part of the thesis is the assessment of the author’s achievement of goals set in a logically orderly manner. It should be made clear, however, that this part can not be merely a brief summary of the previous chapters of the work. The author should address the following issues:

– determine whether or not he proved the leading hypothesis of the work (he responded positively to the research questions posed),

– make a critical analysis of the applied research methods,

– summarize the results of the work received,

– indicate the possibilities of practical application of the presented solutions,

– generally assess socio-economic benefits,

– indicate the areas in which activities for a specific topic in the future may be taken by others.